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Ang Mo Kio Transvestite Killer To Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

26-year-old Malaysian, Astro Jakaria (originally from Sabah, with no fixed address in Singapore), who has been accused of murdering 61-year-old transvestite, Abdul Khalid Othman in Ang Mo Kio last weekend, will be sent for psychiatric evaluation. According to investigations, it … Continue reading

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Need Cash Fast? Why Not Sell A Kidney On The Singapore Black Market? – Going Rate About $22,000!

Selling an organ in Singapore is strictly against the law and protocols, under the Human Organ Transplant Act (Hota) and Oaths and Declarations Act. So how did two Indonesians almost get away with selling their kidneys to recipients in Singapore. … Continue reading

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Exorcised Amutha’s PTSD – Dr Ong Thiew Chai Claims Mental Disorder Is Real

Amutha Valli Krishnan, the ‘exercising exorcised’ woman at the heart of the recent court case against Novena Church does in fact suffer from post—traumatic stress disorder, even though she may have dressed well to attend temples and restaurants, and showed … Continue reading

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13-Year Old Australian Footballers Resort To ‘Cyber-Bullying’

As a die-hard rugby league fan, and ex-junior footballer myself, I am not unaccustomed to the ‘on and off’ field antics that go on when it comes to intimidating opposition teams… Most Australians that grow up on the football field … Continue reading

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Do You Speak English? Lost In Translation!

A couple of very humourous scenarios where being multi-lingual would be very helpful. A bit of video fun in today’s Aussie Pete article. Scenario 1: Imagine you are driving through the French countryside, when your car unexpectedly breaks down. The … Continue reading

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Singapore Woman Claims To Have Been Exorcised – Video Shows That She’s Really Been Exercising!

The accusations made by Amutha Valli Krishnan against Novena Church look to be disproven in court, as the defense presents a shocking video of her ‘real’ behaviour – The questions have now been raised as to if she been faking … Continue reading

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Should Singapore Law Distinguish Between Soft And Hard Drugs When It Come To The Death Penalty?

This article is in no way intended to support the use of any drug (legal or illegal), nor is it intended to diminish or belittle the negative health effects that any of the discussed substances inflict. Rather, it is to … Continue reading

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