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Tearful Plea From Mother Of Malaysian Boy Bashed In Australia

The mother of a Malaysian student attacked by a group of men in Melbourne’s CBD last Friday, leaving him in an induced coma for several days, has broken down in tears while speaking about her son. Kevindra Joseph, 19, was … Continue reading

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Letter From LTA – ERP And Fare Revisions Not Linked

Letter From LTA – ERP And Fare Revisions Not LinkedWe refer to Ms Kwok Shwu Ching’s letter ‘Why subject buses to ERP?’ (my paper, July 18), which suggested that Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) be waived for public buses. The writer … Continue reading

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Wii Fit Can Cause Eating Disorders

According to childhood obesity experts, Nintendo’s Wii Fit game tells healthy kids they are fat, and this could lead to eating disorders and self-esteem problems. The Wii Fit calculates players’ fitness levels based on their BMI (body mass index), and … Continue reading

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Bali Bombers Plea – ‘Bullets Might Hurt Them’ – So What?

Lawyers for the three Islamic militants on death row over the 2002 Bali bombings today legally raised a new challenge to their upcoming executions. The lawyer for the killers, Mahendradatta has argued that “the convicted terrorists could suffer unnecessary pain … Continue reading

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ASEAN Karaoke Night Cancelled

SINGAPORE has cancelled ASEAN’s traditional night of skits and stage acts by ministers at the end of their annual talks, apparently because some of them were taking it too seriously. ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan said he did not know why … Continue reading

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Miss Universe Asia 2008 – Competing Transvestites Arrested in Malaysia

At a resort in the northeastern state of Kelantan, Malaysia, sixteen transvestites participating in the “Miss Universe Asia 2008” beauty pageant were detained by Kelantan Religious Department (Jaheaik) enforcement officers. The bust was made on Friday night, and all of … Continue reading

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Hoax eMail In Singapore – Boy Gets Aids From Take Away Food

Of all the spam and hoax emails I’ve received in my lifetime, from the phishing attempts to access by bank account details even to death threats asking to pay off the hit-man to turn the tide on the contract purchaser, … Continue reading

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