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Online Gambling Cheats – They Can See Your Cards

If you enjoy a hand of poker online, but have not had much success in achieving the ‘big win’, this could well be the reason why. Employees of two of the world’s largest internet gambling sites have defrauded players to … Continue reading

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Did Hubert Chang Really Invent Google?

The entire epic has been likened to the plight of Pete Best, the “fifth Beatle”, and the Winklevoss twins who claimed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stole their social networking idea when they were students at Harvard. Hubert Chang appeared in … Continue reading

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Sex On The Beach – Cultural Comfort Zone

Living or even just staying for a short time in a foreign country, can often result in severe cases of ‘culture shock’. As a person that has been living out of their ‘cultural comfort zone’ for a number of years, … Continue reading

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Save The Koala – This Is Extremely Serious

September is the “Save The Koala Month” and culminates this year with “Save The Koala Day”, on Friday 26 September . The aim of Save the Koala Day is to raise awareness of the plight of one of Australia’s most … Continue reading

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Warning: Making Love Outdoors Can Kill You

Let this be a warning to all you daring young and old couples alike! If you do choose to take a chance, and make love outdoors, do NOT under any circumstances do so on railway tracks. Besides being quite uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Singapore’s Best Bum – Sloggi Follow-Up

Following on from my article, “Show Me Your Sloggi – 2008 Best Bum Competition” from August, the results of the Singapore Sloggi search are in, making Singapore’s best bum holder official. The competition drew hundreds of contestants after kicking off … Continue reading

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Men Prefer Love To Sex: Study

Men who tell women they value relationships over sex now have the weight of numbers to back their argument. Almost 28,000 randomly selected men, aged 20 to 75, from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico … Continue reading

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