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Singaporean Fraudsters Con The Kiwis

The original article on this topic was posted in the New Electric Paper today. Although the couple are facing more than 75 charges, I wonder how severe the penalties will be in New Zealand compared to the sentences that would … Continue reading

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Amazing Video Of World’s Biggest Wave

This is reputed to be the biggest wave ever surfed!! California’s Mike Parsons surfed a 70-foot monster wave after being towed in on a jet-ski. Parsons, a renowned big-wave surfer, is filmed surfing a 70-foot (20m) monster and riding it … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Parents To Ground You For Life – The Secret Revealed

How do you get your parents to ground you for life? Well it’s quite simple really… just take their $250,000 Ferrari out for a joyride and split it right down the middle into two.Amazingly, the driver and his passenger walked … Continue reading

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Private Tropical Island For Sale – My Dream

Queensland – Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next! This would be my ultimate dream – owning my own private island off the coast of South-East Queensland, so very close to where I grew up. Locals call this island simply “The … Continue reading

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Online Gamer Meets Real World Jail

This incident clearly shows that some people just spend too much time gaming online. There have been recent court cases where people have actually been charged for stalking in “Second Life”, but the latest case of the japanese piano teacher … Continue reading

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Sexiest Body Parts

Channel E’s list of “Sexiest Body Parts” is now in. The list covered the following body parts (in order matching the winners’ photographs below):Long legs … Super hot supermodel Gisele Bundchen takes out the sexiest legs award in E!’s Sexiest … Continue reading

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Outrage Of Modesty – Mobile Phone Photographers

This is actually nothing new in Singapore. There have been many discussions on blog aggregators and various online forums on the subject of people taking photographs of unsuspecting or unwilling victims using mobile phone cameras. Interestingly (or surprisingly) enough, it … Continue reading

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