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Great Place To ‘Chill Out’ On A Hot Singapore Weekend?

Why not take the kids for some ‘fun in the sun’ and cool off at Marina Barrage? This is exactly what we did on Saturday afternoon. As well as offering a place for us to play with Jaime in the … Continue reading

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World’s Most Expensive Homes (Sigh – I Wish)

Forbes has released this year’s list of the Top-10 most expensive homes in the world (based on their criteria). Property investment experts around the globe are saying that it’s going to be very ugly in 2009, and sellers of the … Continue reading

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James Bond’s Latest Girl, Olga – Up Close And Personal…

Olga Kurylenko, the Bond girl from “Quantum of Solace“, knows how to dress well. From prairie-style summery frocks to amazing heels and jeans to “not very much at all”. Originally born in the Ukraine, Kurylenko aged 29, is regarded widely … Continue reading

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Shocking X-Rays (Warning: Graphic Medical Images May Offend)

The American toddler that survived a bizarre brush with death after a set of car keys became lodged in his brain, has appeared on the US Today Show. The shocking X-ray images show that when 20-month-old Nicholas Holderman fell onto … Continue reading

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Who Is This? Heartthrob Or Old Man?

This is Hollywood’s hottest heartthrob. Yes, you guessed it (maybe)… This is Brad Pitt!! The actor, who with Angelina Jolie are often regarded as the world’s most glamourest couple, has been turned into a wrinkled and balding man in his … Continue reading

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Top 10 Movie Bad Guys – Warning, These Guys Will Invade Your Nightmares!

Movie bad guys are usually just an obstacle for the hero to overcome in order to save the day. Usually as a viewer, we have no feelings either way when watching these bad men. But every now and then, we … Continue reading

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Aussie Pete Blog Reaches A Milestone And Gets A MakeOver

On the 30th April, 2008, I made the decision to start blogging. My first ever entry Blogging Goes Live – Great Firewall of China gives some background on why I took to the blogosphere, but predominately it was to keep … Continue reading

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