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OGC – OMG, Please Change Your Logo!!

I saw this on a forum just recently, and could not resist drawing attention to it here. The online marketing people within OGC (Office of Government Commerce) without a doubt, need to be fired. I often wondered what the role … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Want Your Very Own ‘Mini-Me’?

Everyone who has seen Austin Powers cannot help but adore ‘Mini-Me’… so have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a tiny version of yourself? Thanks to a Japanese robotics company, anyone can now own their very … Continue reading

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I Am Australian – What a Country! What a Prime Minister! (Black Saturday)

“I am Australian” – The Victorian Bushfire Memorial Service for the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires on the 7th February 2009. (Includes two new verses penned by Bruce Woodley for the Memorial). Performed by Bruce Woodley & Claire Woodley joined by Merelyn … Continue reading

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Airport Landings – Have You Ever Faced ‘REAL FEAR’?

After a month in Shanghai, I’m now back in warm Singapore. I must say that as usual, the SIA pilot did a wonderful job on the landing at Changi… but sometimes even the best pilots can struggle if the airport … Continue reading

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Cute Or Not – Aussie Animals Are Dying To Be Saved

Put it down to human intervention, global warming, introduced species… whatever the reason, Australia is on the verge of losing these endangered species in the very immediate future… what can be done?? Images courtesy of WWF-Australia Northern Quoll … a … Continue reading

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Jaime Zheng Jiayang – A Child ‘Super Star’ Is Born

Yesterday we attended the photo studio in Shanghai where Jaime had his pictures taken (along with a few of his Mummy and Daddy) for the largest baby and infant magazine in China. The pictures will be used in the issue … Continue reading

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Understanding Global Differences – Is It As Simple As When We Brush Our Teeth?

Before I jump into the philosophy behind the article title, please let me offer my sincere apologies to recent comment posters here at Aussie Pete. Due to the fact that I am still in China and access to the Aussie … Continue reading

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