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One Hand Clap For The Govt – Woodlands Ave 7 On The Way To being Safe

It’s been a hotly debated topic for a long time, but perhaps the latest initiative in the battle between cyclist and pedestrian will finally bring about some long-awaited (and desperately needed) change. As I’ve written before, I once witnessed a … Continue reading

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Archibald Prize 2009 – Finalists

This coveted award always brings out the most outstanding talent. It never fails to astound and excite me. Here is the work of all the finalists in this year’s top Australian portrait prize – The Archibald Prize 2009. All Images … Continue reading

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Wombats – Aussies Feeling At Home In Singapore

As most people already know the world over, Aussies love their sports. Whether it be playing for fun, fitness, the social aspect, or for many the thrill of competitveness and the joys of winning, sporting competition brings out the best … Continue reading

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How Safe Is Your Job? And I Don’t Mean ‘Secure’, I Really Mean SAFE!!!

Thanks once again to my friends at for this one… I wonder how many of these employers passed their Workplace ‘Health and Safety Audits’? Most of the pictures speak for themselves – no commentary needed… DANGEROUS JOBS – From … Continue reading

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How To Replace Your Finger With A Thumb (Drive)

Another WTF moment!! A man who lost half his finger after a motorbike accident, has had the finger replaced with a USB drive. Jerry Jalava is a computer programmer from Finland. The two-gigabyte prosthetic finger (thank goodness) is not permanently … Continue reading

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NRL Season Kick-Off

It seems that the 2009 rugby league promotion video that I previously embedded has been disabled. So I must add another video to celebrate the kick off of the season proper this weekend. This is so exciting… I just finished … Continue reading

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Coming Of Age – Who’s Turning 30 This Year?

It happens to the best of us, but some of our ‘favourite young people’ often seem ageless. How can they be turning 30? Some of these folk I remember as ‘child stars’ – maybe it’s time for me to face … Continue reading

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