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What Is Your Race? – And Is It Really That Important?

Singapore Government To Allow Flexibility Of Race Declaration At Birth!! I’m hoping that this may be informative and useful to people living in Singapore (especially those who are in ‘mixed’ relationships). It may however, seem strange to most Aussies who … Continue reading

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Global Warming – Who Are The Real Offenders? (Animation)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions have been the topic of debate and heated discussion for some time now. The data derived from many scientific studies and statistical models clearly show the correlation between CO2 emissions and Global Warming – this is a … Continue reading

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I Love My Vegemite…

OK – One of the greatest things about living in Singapore (as opposed to being an expat in most other Asian countries), is the fact that just about anything you can buy in the supermarkets down under, can also be … Continue reading

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Controversial Fake Email – Hiroshima 1945 – Who Really Won The War?

Moral of the story…: Don’t believe everything that you read!! A friend recently sent me the photographs below embedded into an email. The email was titled, “Hirsohima 1945 – Who Really Won The War?”. I found this interesting enough (and … Continue reading

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2009 Most Complained About Ads Down-Under – Including Banned TV Commercials

Are Aussies becoming too prudish? The Australian ‘Advertising Standards Bureau’ has published a list of this year’s most complained about advertisements. Most complaints relate to – discrimination and vilification, sexuality and nudity, health and safety and social values. The most … Continue reading

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Happy ‘Hip Hop’ Christmas from Aussie Pete!!

To all my loyal readers, subscribers and friends!! We’ll be having a ‘hip hop’ time this Christmas… many happy returns for the festive season – from Aussie Pete, Sammi and Jaime!!! Send your own ElfYourself eCards ____________________________________ Compliments of Aussie … Continue reading

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A Musical Genius – The Andrew Chen Story

He was born in Melbourne, Australia, moved to Singapore at a young age where he spent the next 10-years of his life. Last year he headed back down-under to study in Brisbane – and now at just 19 years of … Continue reading

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